Sweet Revenge Prototype

March 2018, Software Engineer

Unity, HTC Vive, Github

A small prototype put together to pitch to the USC Advanced Games Project program. I worked as a programmer with the team's director to put together this prototype in just over a month. While we ultimately didn't get accepted to AGP, I learned so much about Unity development from this project and even wrote my first shader by pair programming with the game director.

As my first ever VR project Sweet Revenge holds a special place as my first VR game and helped inspire my current passions and VR interests. I plan on reviving it eventually, but for now it lives on as just the prototype.

What I Did:

  • Wrote C# gameplay code for different weapons
  • Pair programmed on most of the game's features including spawning, enemy AI, and enemy transformation
  • Helped write a shader to represent enemy health/damage
  • Modeled the gingerbread parthenenon the player defends